FRETORI Summer Kit Bib Shorts 

We designed our jerseys with the intention that they'd look proper with plain back bib shorts. However, it's always an added bonus in the cycling fashion world to complete a kit with a matching pair of bib shorts. We wanted to subtly call that out with these bib shorts, adding some hints of our jersey design elements to the bibs, also keeping in mind that they could be worn with other jerseys as well. 

Of course the design is overlaid Cuore's top of the line Gold Comp Bib Short. Check the specifications for full details. 

Order today! Limited quantities. 

FRETORI Bib Shorts by Cuore

The Gold Bib Short is designed to maximize performance, function and design 
Lightweight, compressible fabric across the short for optimal fit 
Top of the line Embody MS2 Chamois
Chamois pattern incorporates foam with different densities for improved comfort and an anatomical fit
Bibs apply no pressure to the shoulders and the fabric used in the middle back offers additional breathability