FRETORI Aftermovie 

On March 28, 2016 we posted a picture on Instagram for the first time launching the FRETORI project. Since that time, we have used primarily photos and text to promote our events, cycling and all that it has to offer. 

Since the beginning, adding a video component to our content spread has been a goal and before today we didn’t have a means to do so. We really wanted to capture what the Shimano Gran Fondo and our events in general are about. To extend we wanted to way to express what cycling means to us and hopefully what it means to all of you, our supporters. 

It is with considerable excitement that today, we unveil our first aftermovie, documenting some key moments from the 2017 Shimano Gran Fondo. We have had the privilege of working with the talented Chris Monette who filmed the entire event and combed through hours of content to compile a 2-minute video that expresses essence of the day. 

The short video progresses from start-to-finish, from sign-in through to our lunch and raffle. All the stages of the day are there, with highlights from key moments that we are sure you’ll recall or be able to at least relate to. 

To conclude, we hope that you enjoy the video, that it evokes positive memories and excitement about our events two events in 2018 in June and August that will be announced soon.  

The final day to order the FRETORI Winter Package is tomorrow. Ordering the surprise Winter package will also net cyclists a 10% discount on one or both events in 2018. 

Hope you enjoy the video!