First, here is a brief introduction to Michael Stokely:

He is the lead behind all of our design work, beginning with our logo through to our kit design. We presented Michael with the concept of "FRETORI" early in 2016. From there he created an identity for us, one that helped validate FRETORI as a legitimate organization. It gave us an element of credibility we otherwise would not have had. He truly has been there since day zero. His company is Stokely Design Associates Inc. 

He's an avid cyclist and his favourite number is of course the number seven, thus it's only fitting that he be our featured cyclist in WDYR # 7. Of course, because he's a designer, his entry is a little different! Hope you enjoy. 

Name: Michael Stokely
Bike: Pinarello Dogma F8
Club: Morning Glory Cycling Club

Why do I ride?

I ride to live in the moment.
I ride to help charitable causes.
I ride to challenge myself.
I ride to share experiences.
I ride to stay healthy.
I ride to feel free.

But mostly…
I ride because it makes me happy.