Name: Rob West
Clubs: Morning Glory Cycling Club & Sweet Petes Cycling Club
Bikes: Trek Madone & Kona TI Rove

Why do you ride?
I love everything about riding my bike. Commuting, group rides (big and small), solo rides, road, cross, gravel, single track, I love it all. I also appreciate time off the bike. I recently took some time off (a whole 5 days) and although it was good for the rest, I found myself chomping at the bit to get back out and ride. Those down times help me not burn out. I've even gotten back into participating in events (I try not to say I am racing. It builds an expectation). I am fortunate to have a loving family who are both understanding and supportive of my passion.

Cycling is a big part of my life. Always has been. Always will be.  

How did you start riding?
I started life out as a triathlete. I swam and ran in high school and it was pretty natural to ride a bike. I did my first triathlon in 1988 and after watching the epic battle between Mark Allen and Dave Scott at the 1989 Hawaii Ironman, I was hooked. Over 20 years later, racing everything from tri-a-tri's to Ironman distances, I decided to hang up my running shoes and swim goggles and focus on riding my bike. I've worked in the bicycle industry for most of my life and have been lucky enough to ride and race across North America and a bit in Europe.