Why do you ride? (#WDYR)

One of the most compelling facets of cycling is its social dynamic. Cycling brings people from many places, professions and backgrounds together. It’s a common ground for those of us who ride because is provides a social space that is unlike any other – an area of folklore, comradery and friendship. 

The Shimano Gran Fondo is a massive part of what FRETORI does; however, without a cycling culture and community, there’d be a lot less. Therefore, we are reaching out to our followers. We’d like to profile a new cyclist once a week. The intention is to be brief, concise and most importantly we want bolster that common ground. 

Please, give it some thought and send us your story - why do you ride? - #WDYR

Phil Hallahan works at Shimano Canada. Just over a year ago, we launched registration for the first ever Shimano Gran Fondo - Phil and his wife Heather, were the first to register. Below is our first #WDYR profile. 

Why do you ride?

Riding scratches the itch I have of needing to go fast.  Whether I’m in the woods or the open rode being on a bicycle provides me direct and visceral connection to the feeling of speed.  I also ride because it gets me onto back roads and into the forest where I can stop and admire the beauty of being in nature.  Riding connects me to a larger group people and provides a sense of community.  It keeps me healthy and most importantly, it’s the activity I enjoy most with my wife and daughters who share my love of the two-wheeled machine.

How did you start riding?

When I was little I lived in a little neighborhood outside of town.  It was almost like an island.  It had oiled gravel roads and my parents and I knew almost everyone there.  I had the freedom to get on my bike and ride anywhere and everywhere.  In the summer a lot of tourists would come and stay in the park down by the water.  I could ride down there on my own to play in the arcade, go to the store or play in the park.