2019 FRETORI Summer Jersey

Picking up from our designs the last three years where we have always wanted to add an element of our riding experiences into our jersey and kit designs. In 2019, our intent was to create a jersey that expresses the many roads we take while riding; some major and some lesser known, some paved and some are not. 

Our jersey is meant to represent how main roads splinter off into lesser known roads  throughout the entire jersey. We feel the jersey is full of design elements in a way that displays a lot and yet we wanted it to be balanced and timeless. We hope you like it. 
FRETORI Summer Jersey by Cuore


A race-cut cycling jersey for the performance-oriented rider for fast training units or races.
The Men's Silver Form Fit SS Jersey has a race-optimized fit and is ideal for fast training units or races of the targeted cyclist.

Superior moisture management due to XY-fabric
Tight race-optimized fit
Ample sublimation possibilities