Why do you ride?

I ride because of how it connects me to the people and places around me. I have many favourite riding partners ranging from my girl friends, the crew from the Peterborough Cycling Club, my parents, my kids and most often my husband. I love the feeling of pushing myself to ride hard and go fast but also enjoy a social ride or leading a ride with the kids or friends. Riding bikes has allowed me to explore many of our local roads and sections of forest all over Ontario. Over the past year I have connected with many women as a Trek Women's Advocate at Wild Rock Outfitters in Peterborough, Ontario.  It has been an incredible experience to feel like I have played a role in helping others discover their own passion for cycling.  

How did you start riding?

As a teen I trained for track and field (racewalking in particular) and worked at the local Running Room.  My boyfriend at the time, now husband was obsessed with bicycles. He worked at the local bike shop and I spent a lot of my lunch breaks visiting him there. I was approached about working at the same bike shop even though I knew nothing about bikes. I was hired because I'm good at connecting with people and passionate about living an active lifestyle. I began studying bike anatomy, learning to change flats and diagnose bikes coming in for repair.

I bought my very first mountain bike in 2003 with my savings for school. Biking was an activity I did to have fun. It was a break from all the years of focused training and hard efforts on the track. I could challenge myself to make it over technical features instead of trying to go as fast as I could around a track all day. What started off as a hobby has turned into something that I think about daily. I'm always looking to ride harder, faster and further while having a great time.  I now ride road, mountain bike, cyclocross and even have a DJ bike that I enjoy learning new skills on.