The Story Behind the FRETORI Champ Collection

The FRETORI Champ collection has more than one inspiration. There’s story behind everything we do. For this special collection, we were simply compelled to do this and below is the quickest way to explain!

FRETORI began in 2016 - the idea was to start a business that took inspiration from life in general outside cycling and applying it through the lens of cycling. A major part of our inspiration comes from a particular radio show and record label. Group Therapy Radio & Anjunabeats. The weekly radio show is hosted by a trio of DJ’s known as Above and Beyond and for those who enjoy electronic music, it is in way, “Group Therapy” – a community of sorts who are like minded and listen to the music. Above & Beyond’s inclusiveness, capacity to engage their followers and passion for the music they create, and play is infectious. We took a lot of inspiration from this when we started FRETORI. We strive to apply that same inclusiveness and enthusiasm to our cycling events and everyday cycling content. Riding with friends who are like-minded in a social context has a “group therapy” like impact. We all gain for those amazing experiences riding a bike with friends. Have a look at Above & Beyond’s artwork – we’re positive you'll see the links to our FRETORI Champ design and for that matter, our regular 2019 design too.

Our next inspiration came from a very good friend and incredibly fast professional cyclist, Rohan Dennis, who is the current World Time Trial Champion. Literally as far back as 2015, he has been a part of FRETORI before it even existed. The original ride was a Stag Fondo that started it all. This was where we realized social cycling events could be a really fantastic thing! For that event Rohan sent us an autographed jersey after he had won the opening stage of the Tour de France. It was an awesome prize to give away. Fast forward one year, Rohan sent us a chain from is time trial bike to help us create a special guest package for everyone attending the first Shimano Gran Fondo – our first formal event ever! The Yellow Line Rule created over 100 handmade jersey wallets with a chain-link from Rohan’s bike embossed into the handle.

Thus when Rohan became World Time Trial Champion last fall – we wanted to say, “thank you!” for the support. To do so, we designed what we think is a perfectly wearable jersey, socks and t-shirt that tells our story, using the UCI World Champion colours, represented our supporters and inspiration.

We hope you like the collection and if you do, order something today, we have some “value-adds” to hand out! Visit our shop – for details.