Name: Matteo Dal-Cin
Bike: Diamondback Podium Equipe
Job: Pro Bike Racer

Last week, 26-year old Matteo Dal-Cin won the Elite Men's Canadian National Road Championships in Ottawa, On.  As one would expect, Dal-Cin's win was emphatic and emotional in front of his home-town crowd. The race was one of attrition that had many of the elements that make bike racing incredible. To add, the story behind this course and race for Dal-Cin was without doubt personal. Only 12 months earlier, in the same race, Dal-Cin crashed out of the race in the final corner, of the final lap while in the winning break-away. 

We felt it was only fitting that on Canada's 150th Birthday - for our latest installment of "why do you ride," we'd feature the newly crowned Canadian National Champion who will proudly wear the red and white "Maple Leaf" jersey for the next year in all road races around the world.

Why do you ride?

I ride to burn off the energy. If I didn't burn that energy, I am sure I would be certifiably insane. Seriously though aside from it being my job now, I love being out on my bike and I just feel so much better on a day-to-day basis if I get to ride in the fresh air!

How did you start riding? 

My parents were both really into cycling so I got into it super young. I think I learned how to ride a regular two wheeler when I was maybe 3 or 4 years old.  Not much in the way of racing for kids in Canada so Hockey and Soccer had to suffice as competition for a while. As soon as I was old enough we were driving to Montreal to do the kids races there. I have been doing it ever since!