Name: Vince Liew 
Club: Morning Glory Cycling Club
Bike: Trek Domane

Why do I ride?

I initially thought cycling would be an activity to improve my fitness for other sports. However in the end I found that I loved cycling more than the sports I was cross training for. I think the real hook, line and sinker was when I discovered the joy of riding with a good group of people. Surrounding myself with like-minded cyclists who wanted to improve and enjoy the sport was a huge factor. My cycling friends motivated me because I found myself wanting to push my limits every time I rode. 
Through cycling I’ve found a new group of friends. It's a group that continues to grow with the sport and the club I’m a part of. There is something about cycling that makes it unique from other sports. Maybe it’s the ability to just leave your house and instantly start riding without having to drive to an arena or stadium, or maybe it’s the comradery it provides when you complete a long epic ride with a group of friends. Riding has not only significantly improved my health and fitness, but a deeper appreciation for just being outside. Even physically demanding and “painful” rides have become part of my love of riding.
Each day, I usually find myself dreaming about long weekend rides and reflecting on past ones. Riding has not just become a part of my day - it has become a part of my identity.