Name: Marius Podaru
Bike: Focus Izalco Disc
Club: Morning Glory Cycling Club

Why do you ride?

Aside from the best way for me to stay healthy and active, I find cycling both a social activity and a time for quiet self-reflection. A few years ago, I joined the Morning Glory Cycling Club in Toronto. In that time, I have added more people to my "friend-circle" than I have from anywhere else in the last decade.

I have also added several more bikes to my garage (Fat, MTB and CX) and I am now enjoying some kind of cycling year round. Cycling helps me shake off the stress of a daily commute and better handle the challenges at work. I am sure my family would agree it makes me a better person to be around as well.  It has become a passion, a hobby, an obsession that I have fully embraced. 

How did you start riding?

I have always led an active lifestyle, with things like indoor and beach volleyball keeping me busy and fit all year round. With age, the body was less cooperative and I slowly started leading a less active and healthy lifestyle. That was until, four years ago, some friends asked me if I wanted to go for a bike ride. I got on my "t-rusty" MTB and went out with the group, who were riding road bikes. Needless to say, I hurt that day. Nevertheless, I was hooked. I quickly changed my tires to a smoother tire while starting to research road bikes. Within a month, I had bought my first road bike and I started doing solo rides to try to get better.

As the summer went on, my skills and fitness improved. I even entered some local races to ensure that I still remembered how it felt to hurt. I joined FMC, a group of friends that also cycled and they taught me a ton. Through them I learned about proper fueling, hydrating and wearing lycra for best results. Almost three years later and 50 lbs lighter, I joined the Morning Glory Cycling Club, a group of like-minded cyclists that love to meet and ride early in the morning before most people even wake up. I now ride 5 to 6 days a week, from gut wrenching fast Ellis loops to casual coffee rides to Goodwood.