Name: Jody Wilson
Instagram: @jodywilson

Why do you ride? (#WDYR) 

I simply see cycling as a large part of my everyday life, it’s no different than brushing my teeth or pouring my first cup of coffee in the morning. The notion of getting onto the saddle and heading out on a ride has a calming effect on me.  The meditative repetition of the pedals turning, the white noise of wind in my ears and the rhythm of my breath takes me to a place where I can think, or not think.  It’s beyond therapeutic. 

If I set aside the hours of suffering, the intense lactic acid burns and the discomfort from loss of breath, I’m left with a community of amazing friends.  Cycling has taken me places I would never have dreamed of traveling before.  It has introduced me to people I would never have known.  Every day cycling teaches me something new.

Some people cycle for the very simple pleasures it affords.  Others ride for the obvious reasons of offsetting overeating or increasing longevity.  Of course, I ride for those simple reasons, everyone does, but in the end, I ride because it enriches my life beyond words.

How did you start riding?

I’ve been riding bikes for most my life in some capacity.  Not all road bikes, but bicycles in general. As a young child, it provided me with a sense of escape to discover the little village I lived in. Exploration was so exciting on a bike.  New corners of a world that I had only seen from a car window, I could see up-close from the comfort of my yellow bmx.