Name: Brian Coelho Menezes
Age: 27
Bike: Scott Foil Premium

Why do you ride?

I ride because I love bicycles. You leave a piece of yourself on the road, on the top of a mountain, on a hairpin turn, or on a town line sprint every time you ride. I also work in the bicycle industry and everyday I go into work and I am in awe of what I do. I get to meet great people, who live healthy, fulfilling lives because of these two-wheeled machines that take you to places that seem impossible to reach.

How did you start riding?

Well I've always been fascinated with cycling. My earliest recollection of bikes was during my early childhood when I was in elementary school. There is also a deeper personal connection I feel when I think of bicycles. 

My mother who was single during my youth felt it was important to take me to Brazil to visit our extended family. These trips became even more important when my grandfather, her father, had become very ill. He was unable to walk under his own strength due to a stroke he’d suffered. The stroke had left my grandfather permanently confined to his wheelchair and he was unable to speak. 

During one visit to Brazil, I remember on a very hot morning, my grandfather saw me drawing on a piece of paper, he gestured for me to come over to him in the kitchen, which was adjacent to the I did. He had an old 10-speed bike resting on the wall, and again with only hand gestures and very laboured groans he asked that I trace the tubes of the bike onto my piece of paper... so I did. 

He made me truly understand the structure of a bike and I think that piqued my interest in the machines that are bicycles.