Registration is now closed! We do have some last minute spots available. To inquire please e-mail !

Date: Sunday, July 14, 2019 Time: 7:00am, 8:30am, 9:00am
Warsaw Community Center
93 Ford St, Warsaw, ON
K0L 3A0

Road Surface: 80% Gravel Equipment Needed: Endurance Road Bike that can accommodate a 30mm tire width, gravel specific bike or a cyclocross bike

Event Summary:

The FRETORI Gravel Ride is a social cycling event. Our goal is to create the best possible experience on the bike regardless of a cyclist’s experience level. After a successful first gravel event in 2018, the Wild Rock Sportive, we’re thrilled to be building a brand new event, with more course options, support and offering on hand. Riders will be able to choose from three courses: 170km, 125km & 100km. The 170km is the the most challenging of the three with 1500m of elevation and two rest stops. It will be a spectacular ride that truly showcases some of the finest roads in the Ontario.

The 125km course will also include some tough climbs as it shares many of the same roads as the longer route. However, for those who feel 170km is a bit too far, the 125km course will certainly push rider’s limits over a shorter distance. We’ll have a fully supported rest stop and the group will be fully supported as well.

The 100km course will be the least challenging in terms of elevation, but it will be still an incredible ride. We will use the rail trail in certain areas to remove some of the more challenging hills out on the ride. All three courses will use the same mega rest stop at Shimano Canada HQ. At the rest stop we will have food, neutral service, demo bikes and spare wheels. We’ll be well equipped to get every rider back rolling and heading back to home base in Warsaw.


Do I need to sign up for a course when I register for the event?

No, guests do not need to sign up for a course before the event. The reason is because the FRETORI Gravel Ride is a non-competitive ride. We will however, approximately 2 weeks before the ride send a survey to registrants to let us know what course they’d like to ride. It will help us better support our guests with ride leaders and follow vehicles.

When will the final course be shared?

We will have a complete technical document completed in June.

Is the FRETORI Gravel Ride a race?

No it is not a race and there is no timing. The FRETORI Gravel Ride is a fully support social cycling event. Riders are however encouraged and welcome to ride at whatever pace they prefer.

What sort of support will there be out on course?

We will have follow vehicles, medical staff, local ride guides and a mega rest stop at Shimano Canada HQ. Riders who need extra food, clothing, have a mechanical or just need a drink of water will have the ability to do so throughout the entire day. Our goal is to ensure that our guests feel at ease throughout the entire ride our support.

How will I stay on course?

We will provide both GPX Files for GPS devices and all courses will have signs marking where to go. Please keep in mind, our GPX files are the most accurate as course signs are put out the day before and can be moved over night unknowingly.

Is there a lunch afterwards?

There is a fully catered lunch included in your registration fee following the ride. We will also have complimentary massage therapy on site as well following the ride.

Is there any “day-of” registration?

The FRETORI Gravel Ride is pre-registration only. There will be no “day of registration.”