FRETORI is a Toronto based company and a platform to host cycling events. Our goal is to champion the merits of cycling through our annual events and daily content that is backed by real experience.

Some cyclists ride as means for exercise, while others may ride with slightly more ambition. Some cyclists ride extreme distances and even go on tours around the world. Then there are the cyclists who ride because it’s their profession. Regardless of the reasons we ride, we all enjoy the feeling of being “free to ride.” FRETORI aims to serve as a kind of keystone to bring the cycling community together; to develop a culture through events and community engagement.

We strive to add to the cycling community by supporting clubs, race teams and other cycling organizations through two primary channels.

First and foremost, our events serve as the focal point of the entire FRETORI project. We host and organize two social cycling events with value and the highest standards in mind. Our goal is to create a complete package that every cyclist will covet, remember and use in years to come for the betterment of their riding experience.   

Second, our daily process targets the cycling community primarily through social media and journal posts. We look to share and create cycling content that is tied to the many positive experiences riding a bike can elicit. We highlight the many positive happenings in the cycling community, ranging from other gran fondo-like events, races of all levels and disciplines to regular Saturday morning club rides.

FRETORI is a portmanteau – from the words “free to ride.”

Our name, FRETORI, is inspired from the works of Kurt Vonnegut, an author who often explored the idea of free will. He implored that when we are finally “free at last” from the constraints and stresses of our lives we absolutely must appreciate those times. Appreciating freedom is an ideology we can all relate to in many different contexts and facets of our lives. We take this concept and express it through cycling’s lens.

FRETORI is intended to elicit the feeling of being truly free to ride, through our event and community engagement. Cycling is a respite when we are free at last from the confines of the daily grind. We welcome you to be a part of this group - and we hope that you too will feel “fretori,” in other words, free to ride.